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Custom Web Scraping at affordable rates! Scrape data from Yelp, Facebook, Custom Blog Websites, E commerce etc.. 100% Custom Coded to your needs.

Look websites are like snowflakes, every site is unique.Truth is, it’s nearly impossible to build a “One Size Fit’s all” web scraper specific for everyone’s needs.

With this service i will build a Custom Web Scraping tool capable of scraping Thousands of lines of Information from any website you choose. Such as Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, Custom Blogs, E commerce sites Etc.

Once the web scraping tool is complete, i will Deliver you a .csv or .txt file containing the information, so you don’t have to use any software.

Okay so How do i upload this Information to my website? You can use tools such as this WordPress plugin where you simply upload the csv file and the plugins creates your posts.

What’s the purpose of all this though? This service is great for building up databases, email lists, phone lists for cold calling, Site Content, statistical analysis, directories etc.

What are the steps? Once you have found a website with information you want harvested.

  • Send me the website including which links you want to harvest information from.
  • Tell me what information you want harvested.
  • How you want the information stored.

Okay so how do i contact you? I can be contacted on Skype. My username is yellowcat1771

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or simply add me on Skype i’m online everyday and open to conversation 🙂

Here’s a Sample 5000 leads Download


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