Twitter Blaster 2

Twitter Blaster 2 Allows you to blast multiple tweets/posts on twitter ,increasing your social presence. Twitter Blaster 2 also allows you to scrape twitter users, for later targeting.

How To Scrape Twitter Users. (Note You can skip this step if you already have a list of Twitter Users)

Step 1.

Choose a target username to scrape. We chose “test” in the example below. Please Check to make sure the twitter username is real by going to Also you may add a user with or without the “@” symbol. The program will read both “@user” and “user” as the same.

how to scraping twitter users


Step 2.


Select an Output File. This will be were we store our scraped twitter users for future use. The scraped twitter users will be stored in a text file line by line. Select a text (.txt) file to store your scraped twitter users. (Note This software will work with usernames scraped from other software so long as the usernames are in a text file and stored line by line )

how to scraping twitter users


Step 3:

Click “Scrape” Sit back and let the software do its thing. Be patient it may take a while.

We should have a (.txt) file that looks something like this.

How To Blast Tweets

Step 1.

Enter in your username/password. Next enter in a message you want to use to blast out. I strongly suggest you don’t add a website, in your message. Twitter will detect this and most likely ban you.

Step 2.

Add the InputFile. This is the file we created before that includes the twitter usernames we will be blasting our tweets to. In this example we will select (test.txt).

Step 3.

Click Start. Twitter blaster will now post your tweet/message. You can check live at twitter to see your tweets going out.


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