Bitly Bulk url Shortener

Bitly Bulk url Shortener tool allows you to shorten thousands of urls at the click of a button! Need unique urls for SEO? Social Media? Or are you just a hipster data hoarder? If so then read on!

bitly mass url shorterner tool

So hows it work?

In order to use the Bitly Bulk  url Shortener you must first have a text file of urls you wish to shorten. Each of these urls must be unique. For example you can shorten a thousand different urls into a thousand unique bitly urls. But you can’t shorten a thousand different urls from a single url.

Also each of the urls must be in the valid format, including either http:// or https:// at the front of the url.

For example: -Works -Does not work

Another thing to note is, each url must be working. It cannot lead to a 404 page or just not exist.

A Few things First

First off in order to use Bitly bulk url Shortener you must have something called a “Generic Access Token”. Pretty much in a nutshell this token works like a username/password but on a “softwares level”. If you’re feeling a little nerdy and would like to read more on what an access token is, i suggest you check out this Microsoft post. Bitly allows each user to create up to Ten Thousand Bitly urls a month!

its over 9000

So How do I Set Everything Up?

Step 1. Setting up a Bitly Account


First off as mentioned before, this tool uses a Generic Access Token from bitly. In order to get this accesss token we first need a bitly account. Head on over to and create an account.

bitly get access tokenNext once your account is all set up head on over to to generate your access token, like in the image above. Confirm your password then click “Generate Token” You will be presented with a string of random numbers and characters that looks like this “fksda90j32e3jweafjeof09j09fsa”. Copy and save this funky string as we will need it for later.

Step 2. 

Download the Bitly Bulk url Shortener tool from below. Open up the folder. You will see a file called “long_urls.txt” Open this and put the urls you want to be shortened into it, line by line. Next in the “auth.txt” file put your Access token into it. Close both files and start up the Bitly Bulk url Shortener! Simply click “Start” and let the software do the rest of the work. All the shortened bitly urls will be saved into the “short_links.txt” file.

Enjoy 🙂


Download below



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